Mathematics Publications

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1. 2021-2022 International Journal

S Bhavya, CE Nanjundappa, “Energy Based Volumetric Internal Heating on Bénard-Marangoni FTC in a Ferrofluid-Porous Saturated Layer: Effects of MFD Viscosity and Thermal Bounded Surfaces” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 17 (1), 21-29

2. 2021-2022 International Journal

A Pavithra, CE Nanjundappa, “Classical Linear Stability Analysis of Energy Based Internally Heated Distributions on Bénard Porous Convection in a Micropolar Fluid Layer” Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications 14 (1), 1-18

3. 2021-2022 International Journal

Shylaja K Ramulu, Padma M Marigowda, B Sooryanarayana, Jayalakshmi M, “Performance Analysis of ND and NHD Topological Models of Alkanes” Biointerface research in Applied Chemistry, Volume 13, Issue 1, 68

4. 2021-2022 International Journal

NN Swamy, GK Jayanna, CK Gangappa, B Sooryanarayana, “An Algebraic Approach to Find Some Topological Indices of Derived Graphs of the Benzene Ring” Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry 12 (4), 5431-5443

5. 2021-2022 International Journal

Dr. Shivaprasanna G.S, “Invariant submanifold of generalized Sasakian space form with semi-symmetric metric connection”, Montes Taurus Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 4(1),128-134

6. 2020-2021 International Journal

CE Nanjundappa, A Pavithra, IS Shivakuamara “Effect of Dusty Particles on Darcy-Brinkman Gravity-Driven Ferro-Thermal-Convection in a Ferrofluid Saturated Porous Layer with Internal Heat Source: Influence of Boundaries” International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics 7 (1), 1-20

7. 2020-2021 International Journal

YL Savitha, CE Nanjundappa, IS Shivakumara “Penetrative Brinkman ferroconvection via internal heating in high porosity anisotropic porous layer: influence of boundaries” Heliyon 7 (2), e06153

8. 2020-2021 International Conference

R Suprabha, CR Mahesha, CE Nanjundappa “Internally heated penetrative Bénard-Marangoni ferroconvection: Effect of MFD viscosity” AIP Conference Proceedings 2327 (1), 020038

9. 2020-2021 International Journal

R. Divya,  M  Jayalakshmi "On neighborhood pseudo achromatic number of graphs",  Gradiva review Journal  7( 6) 121-126

10. 2020-2021 International Journal

M M Padma, M Jayalakshmi "Variety of Rational Resolving sets of power of a cycle" Test Engineering and Management 83 4162-4167