Funded Research Projects

Details of R & D Project Proposals approved by the External subject experts for the Academic year 2019-20

Sl. No. Department Name of the investigator/s Designation Title of proposed Project Cost of project in Rupees Duration of project in Months Remarks Dr.AIT Recommendation
1 Industrial Engineering & Management Suprabha R
Dr. C. R. Mahesha
Dr. C E Najundappa
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Enhancement of Heat Transfer using nanrofluids containing different nano-dimensional oxide materials 190,000.00 24 Recommended by External Expert Rs.90,000/- (Phase I) Rs.80,000/- (Phase II)
2 Physics Dr. K N Anuradha
Hemantha Reddy
Meti. Bharathi
Professor & Head Sysnthesis and Dielectric Studies of PPY based Nanocomposites 150,000.00 12 Accepted for Rs 120000.00
3 Chemistry Dr. Shruthi B Assistant Professor Sysnthesis, characterization and electrochemical performance of β-nickel hydroxide based composite electrodes as positive electrode material in rechargeable alkaline batteries 250,000.00 12 Accepted for Rs 60,000.00
4 Chemistry/Civil Dr.Soundeswaran
Dr. V.Devaraj
Dr. S Vijaya
Assistant Professor
Research Professor
Synthesis of Mangeto-Rheological(MR) Fluid for Engineering Applications 240,000.00 12 Recommeded for fiancial support of Rs.240000.00
Total Amount Rs. 830,000.00 If 4 out of 8 Projects approved the total amout will be Rs.5,90,000/-