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1. 2023-2024 International Journal

Meti Bharathi, Dr K N Anuradha, Dr Murugendrappa M V, Structural, DC Conductivity and Electric Modulus Studies of Polypyrrole   Praseodymium Manganite Nanocomposites.  Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics [IJPAP] Vol. 61, March 2023, pp. 165-174 DOI: 10.56042/ijpap. v61i3.70065

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2. 2023-2024 International Journal

Meti Bharathi, Dr K.N.Anuradha, Dr Murugendrappa M V, Structural, AC conductivity, dielectric and impedance studies of polypyrrole/praseodymium calcium manganite nanocomposites   Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures. 18. 343-365

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3. 2023-2024 International Conference

D A Raghupathy, G Ramgopal, C.R Ravikumar, Sono chemically synthesized Zinc oxide nanoparticles: Lead sensor and photocatalytic degradation of direct green fast orange red dyes, international conference on Chemical and Material science (ICCM 2023) held on 03.05.2023

4. 2023-2024 International Journal

D.A. Raghupathy, G. Ramgopal, V.G. Dileep kumar, T. Naveen kumar and C.R. Ravikumar, “Study of Bi-functional Applications of ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized via Sonochemical Route”, Asian Journal of Chemistry; Vol. 35, No. 12 (2023), 2929-2938.

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5. 2023-2024 International Journal

D.A. Raghupathy, G. Ramgopal, N. Raghavendra, C.R. Ravikumar, H.C. Ananda Murthy, "TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized Sonochemically: Its Electrochemical lead sensor and Photocatalytic degradation of DG & F-OR dyes”, Journal of nanomaterials and devices 2023, VOL. 1, ISSUE 1.

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6. 2022-2023 International Journal

D.A.Raghupathy, G. Ramgopal, C.R. Ravikumar, Photocatalytic degradation of direct green and fast orange red dyes: “Electrochemical sensor of lead using cupric oxide nanoparticles synthesised via sonochemical route”   Sensors International 3, 2022

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7. 2022-2023 International Journal

Madanakumara Hanumanthappa, Jayanna Halepoojar Siddalingappa, Yellamagad Channabasaveshwara, Soundeswaran Sundararajan, Mruthyunjaya Vishwas, Shyamala Kurki Srinivasaiah, Surendra Boppanahalli Siddegowda, Basavaraju Nandeesh. Almond gum assisted synthesis of Mg doped Fe2O3 NPs: Structural analysis, electrochemical sensing, and optical applications. ChemPhyMater 2022

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8. 2022-2023 International Journal

H. Madanakumara , H.S. Jayanna, C.V. Yelamaggad, S. Soundeswaran, M. Vishwas, K.S. Shamala, B.S. Surendra, N. Basavaraju. Enhanced electrochemical sensor and photodegradation of industrial wastewater by Almond gum assisted synthesis of Bi2O3/MgO/ Fe2O3 nanocomposites 

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9. 2022-2023 International Journal

M V Hemantha Reddy et al. Dielectric properties of banana fiber filled polypropylene composites: Effect of coupling agent. Fibers and Polymers. 11 April 2022. vol 23.p 1387-1395 (2022)

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10. 2021-2022 International Journal

Kenchamarappa et al. Hardness and Wear Behaviour of AA8088 Alloy Reinforced by TiB2 Nanoparticles. Journal-article Nanoscience, Nanoengineering & Applications, Year 2021