Physics Activities

S.No Year Activities
1. 2022-2023

Student Induction Program (SIP) 2022-23 conducted for First year students of Engineering.   As per the guidelines of the VTU a 10 day Student Induction program was organized in the institution from December 1st to 10th 2022(Phase I) and Phase II in the month of July August 2023. Principal Dr.M.Meenakshi, Head of the Institution and Dean Academic Dr.K.N.Anuradha spoke by congratulating all the 900 students of all 12 branches of Engineering for being a part of the institution. They spoke on the implementation of NEP 2020. Dr.C.R.Prashant, Dean examination addressed the students in second sessions. The afternoon session was held by Dr.Tilak, a strength and conditioning trainer, from Sports Authority of India. The next session in the afternoon was done by the librarian in charge Sri.Shivanna, who spoke on the digitalization of library. 

On 3/12/22 Sri. Guruprasad from Heartfulness Yoga center  explained the importance of meditation and yoga on the physical as well as mental health. The next session was by Sri. B.V. Mahesh an Industry expert and trainer in career planning. The third session was held by Dr.Rangaswamy from the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He spoke on topic  “Indian Knowledge present and past”. December 5 th 2022 Dr.M.Meenakshi. Principal spoke on how OBE (outcome based education) has taken the role of conventional education in the present scenario. Dr.Mahalinga Mandi spoke on the different roles played by Internal Quality Assurance Cell of every educational institution. The third session for the day was dealt on the topic, ‘Implementation of NEP- 2020 for a holistic growth’ by the speaker Smt. Meena D.R. Associate professor, BIT, Bangalore.

The post lunch session was on Essential skills of engineering by Dr. Radha from K S School of Engineering and Management. The next session was on 21st century skill sets for engineering students by Dr.Pratima Khandelwal.

December 6 th 2022: The day’s session started with the words on ‘Research and Professional practice’ by G.V.Jayaramaiah, Dean R & D, Dr.AIT. The second session was on ‘Placement-a pathway to make your dream real’ by the Placement officer, Dr.Murali. Ms. Vanishree, an Advocate was invited upon to talk on Constitution and its relevance to Professional Ethics. Further an attempt of the knowledge of AICTE activity points were shared to the students. Thus students were encouraged to join NSS team voluntarily.

The third session for the afternoon was spoken on how to inculcate positive attitude through critical thinking by Sri Dheeraj A Rao.

December 7th 2022: The morning session on this day was on ‘How to make short film/video-graphic skills’ by Srikanth H.R from Edison Film Academy. The day’s second session was taken by Sri. Kumaraswamy who came from Brain Academy. The afternoon session was posed by the speaker Sri. Sanketh Reddy on the topic ‘Moral Limits of Markets’. The next session was on the topic Constitution & Democracy by an elderly personfrom the Management of the Institution by name Sri Shivamallu.

December 8th 2022: The morning session of the day started with the peaceful words of a Buddhist monk who spoke on concentration and the mind power. The second session was spoken by Dr.P.G.Siddeshwar, Professor from Christ University  on the importance of mathematics for engineering students. Dr. Siddaraju, Head, department of Computer Science and Engineering, held the post lunch session on the topic, ‘Paving the way for an equitable world through Computer Science & Engineer’.

December 9th 2022: The first session was by Sri. Mounranjan Borgohain, on the topic ‘Enrich to Evolve’. December 9 th 2022 The first session was by Sri. Mounranjan Borgohain, on the topic ‘Enrich to Evolve’. The third session was spoken on ‘Building confidence and having commitment’ by Dr.Padmashree, Psychological counsellor. The afternoon session was on the Internship. Incubation and Entrepreneurship, shared by Dr.Vishwanath and Sri Ramprasad of department of Mechanical engineering. The last session was by Sri. D.A.Raghupathy, faculty of Physics on the topic ‘Essence and presence of science, engineering and technology in the contemporary world’.

December 10th 2022: The morning session was on the functioning of Ambedkar Study Centre of the institution. The last session was shared by Captain. Dr.Suresh who spoke on how health canbe taken care of by every individual through care and observance. In the next session Dr.T.R.Shashipriya came out with possible ways of conducting activity programs based on the need of rural society that fetch AICTE points to the students. 

Student Induction Program (SIP)  (Phase II) 22 July – 20 August 2023: Vice principal Dr.Vijaykumar welcomed. The second session was taken over by Dr T R Shashipriya (H.O.D of Humanities), on Relooking into induction program. The last session of the day was taken over by Dr Prashanth CR (Dean of examinations). 5.08.2023: The event began with a warm welcome address by Dr K N Anuradha (Dean Academics). Sunday 6.08.2023: Activity : Students should carry out social activities by visiting some orphanage, old age homes and nearby villages. 

Date: 13th August 2023 NSS activity and Socialising: Location: Spoorthi dhama which was Organized by: NSS Team & SIP group.

19.08.2023: Students were given a session on the importance of meditation in improving their memory by Mrs Jyoti Ganapathi . The next session was held by Dr.Shyamkumar P.K. Sunday 20.08.2023: The students spent the time with different people in old age homes, hospitals, orphanages and had experience on empathy and shred their views in the form reports. 

2. 2021-2022

Student Induction Program (SIP) 2021-22 conducted for First year students of Engineering 

3. 2020-2021

Organised One Day International Webinar on 16/09/2020  on

“ Recent advances in carbon nanomaterials ”

4. 2020-2021

Student Induction Program (SIP) 2020-21 conducted for First year students of Engineering 

5. 2018-2019


7th – 8th June 2019

activities not yet created...!
activities not yet created...!
S.No Year Activities
1. 2022-2023
  1. Dr H Madanakumara :  5 days FDP in SJBI 14/11/23 to 18/11/23- Recent Advances in Applied Sciences.
  2. D A Raghupathy : 5 days FDP in SJBI 14/11/23 to 18/11/23- Recent Advances in Applied Sciences.
  3. Dr Rajshekar Ghogge: 2 weeks blended continuous professional development program on Digital food and agribusiness from 23/01/23 to 3/2/23
  4. Dr Hemantha Reddy : ATAL FDP for 5 days from 18/12/2023 o 23/12/23 on Supply chain management for omnichannel retailing
  5. Dr Hemantha Reddy : 2 weeks blended continuous professional development program on  Digital food and agribusiness from 23/01/23 to 3/2/23