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21. 2016-2017 International Journal

Abdul Khader, Mohamed Shariff, Firdous Nayeem , Basavaraja , Madanakumara H , Thyagaraj M S Structural and dielectric properties of Ni+2 doped Chromium Ferrite by Solution Combustion method. 

22. 2015-2016 International Conference

Anuradha K.N., Koushalya P.R. andS.V.Bhat, Size Dependent Magnetic Properties of Nd0.7Ca0.3MnO3 Nanomanganite,  IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 73 (2015) 012007, DOI10.1088/1757-899X/73/1/012007 Page 1-8   


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23. 2015-2016 International Journal

Lora Rita Goveas, Anuradha K.N., K. S. Bhagyashree and S.V.Bhat "Comparative study of magnetic ordering in bulk and nanoparticles of Sm0.65Ca0.35MnO3: Magnetization and electron magnetic   resonance measurements.

Journal of Applied Physics, 117, 17E111 (2015); doi: 10.1063/1.4913722, Page 1-4, (American Institute of Physics publishers (AIP). 

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24. 2015-2016 International Journal

Paul, D., Anuradha, K.N., S Bhagyashree, K. et al. Electron Magnetic Resonance Studies of Nanosized Nd0.65Ca0.35 Mn1−xCrxO3 (x = 0, 0.06, 0.1) Manganite. Appl Magn Reson 46, 1059–1068 (2015).

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25. 2014-2015 International Journal

Lora Rita Goveas, Anuradha K.N., K. S. Bhagyashree  and S.V.Bhat  “Effect of Size Reduction on Magnetic Ordering in Sm12xCaxMnO3 (x 5 0.35, 0.65 and 0.92)     Manganites: Magnetic and   EMR Studies”    

Applied Magnetic Resonance, 46, 967–976 (2015). Published  Feb.2015 

     (Springer  publishers).   

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26. 2009-2010 International Journal

K N Anuradha,  S S Rao and S V Bhat,  EPR  Evidence for   Premonitory Charge-Ordering Fluctuations in hydrothermally grown  Pr0.57Ca0.41Ba0.02MnO3 nanowires    Applied Magnetic  Resonance, 36, 347-356,  (2009), 


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27. 2008-2009 International Journal

K N Anuradha,  S S Rao, Ajay Sharma and  S V Bhat, EPR  Evidence  for   Premonitory Charge-Ordering Fluctuations in Nanomanganite  Pr0.57Ca0.41Ba0.02MnO3,        Applied Magnetic  Resonance, 33, 127-136, ( 2008)  

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28. 2007-2008 International Journal

K N Anuradha, S S Rao and S V Bhat, Complete melting of charge order in   hydrothermally grown Pr0.57Ca0.41 Ba0.02MnO3 nanowires. Journal of Nanoscience  and Nanotechnology 7,  1775-1778 (2007), 

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29. 2005-2006 International Journal

S S. Rao, K N Anurdha, S Sarangi and S V Bhat, Weakening of charge order and  anti ferromagnetic to ferromagnetic switch over in Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3 nanowires. Appl. Phys. Lett, 87, 182503-182504 (2005)