Business Administration (MBA) Programmes

Course Name : Master of Business Administration - MBA
Type : Post Graduation
Year of Approval : 2001
Intake : 60
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
PEO1 To foster the growth of individuals into accomplished management professionals, equipped with a strong grasp of business operations skills and entrepreneurial insight, thus paving the way for a promising career across diverse sectors in managerial roles.
PEO2 To nurture the development of professional aptitude, enabling adaptability skills, honing organizational competencies for analytical thinking and decision making, strategic planning, effective execution, proficiency in studying the environment and acting according to the need, skilled data analysis and interpretation, as well as cultivating a problem-solving orientation.
PEO3 To cultivate a reputation for exemplifying qualities of teamwork, navigating diversity, promoting leadership qualities, enabling confident decision-making while collaborating with peers and team members in multidisciplinary and multinational settings, enriched by individuals from varying cross-cultural backgrounds.
PEO4 To instill a sense of responsible citizenship characterized by unwavering ethical conduct, thereby endowing business organizations with professionals of impeccable integrity, robust moral principles, evident social impact, and a comprehensive understanding of ethical business acumen, while also maintaining a life- long dedication to continuous learning.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO1 Grasp the current and updated conceptual knowledge attributes traits and skills of business management for effective governance of self and organizations.
PSO2 Understand the evolving environmental scenarios for formulating strategic planning and decisions in the realm of business management both on a domestic and global scale.
PSO3 Gain proficiency in comprehension, analysis and articulation of economic, legal, social and ethical dimensions of business at local and international level.
PSO4 Adjust and concentrate on efforts for attaining organizational objectives through effective communication and team work, displaying leadership skills with utmost enthusiasm and dedication.
PSO5 Acquire diverse knowledge through practical scenarios, case study examinations, project engagement, and hands-on industry experience through internship.
Program Outcomes (POs)
PO1 Domain Knowledge and Business Environment: To increase business awareness and business knowledge about functioning in the domestic and global business environment at different business variants – small, medium and large business ventures.
PO2 Business Analysis, Problem Solving, Innovative Solutions and Critical thinking: Emerging business models with data support expected to analyze business processes with identified problems and solving them in the functional areas of critical factors of productions.
PO3 Industry Exposure and Business Exposures: Graduates are mandated with exposures to the world of business and industry across different sizes/categories at different levels of economic and social advancements. Also, they expose themselves to international business environments through physical visits.
PO4 Social immersion and social responsibilities: Graduates are expected to visit different social context especially in the most backward and backward business regions and grasp the business problems and to prepare and develop their responsiveness with problem solution.
PO5 Effective Communication: Graduates are expected to develop effective oral and communicative skills in the business applications with language and communication trainings round the course with appropriate technical tools.
PO6 Leadership and Teamwork: Graduates are expected to identify business leaders or business tycoons for intensive understanding of business models adopted, in teams (group of three or four students) and to demonstrate their critical understanding with possible business solutions.