Medical Electronics and Engineering Head of Department

Dr. Shanthi  KJ obtained her PhD  from the university of Kerala in the year 2012  with  specialisation on Medical Imaging. She completed her masters in Digital Electronics from the  Cochin University of Science & Technology-Cochin, during 1994, and her bachelors degree in 1986 in Instrumentation Technology from SJCE Mysore, University of Mysore. She has nearly 25 publications  in International Journals & Conferences with a citation of more than 125 covering all the publications. Her area of interest in image processing, biomedical signal processing and developing medical devices. She has two patents published for innovations on medical devices. She is involved in developing a Texas Instruments Innovation Centre at the institute and currently   establishing a AICTE sponsored MODROB project for an amount of 15 lakh in  Developing a Test & Calibration and Development of Medical Devices Lab. 

She is a life member of ISTE, and IEEE Senior Member and member of few more professional societies and actively involved in improving  industry relations with the department. 

Dr. K. J. Shanthi

Professor & Head
Department of Medical Electronics and Engineering